We think everyone must find their own way of how they want to contribute to a better climate. Over the years, we have received much inspiration from others, but not really found something special that we can fit into our everyday life. We want to do something that feels meaningful to us and where we can see results.


We have therefore chosen in addition to an eco-friendly thinking about food, sorting our trash, saving energy and using solar panels for electricity chosen to pick up all the trash we find and carry while hiking and put it where it belongs. We hope this can be a good example for others and that we become more who keep our forests and earth free from rubbish.



We know that we are not alone in this and we like to spread the message and that more people in Sweden help to get rid of junk from places where they do not belong, especially after themselves.


We will return more frequently when time is given. But we have already begun to bring plastic bags to nature to take with us all the trash that other people are incapable to put in the many bins we have.

Elin & Isak


a adventurous



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