Sneakpeak of our Masterplan

Hi guys! We will now reveal or plan for the furniture and interior of the bus. We are very pleased with the result and we think this will work fine for us and our dog Izzy. We will of course have cabins and stuff everywhere, but you can't see them on this plan. We will turn every single centimeter to something. Could be storage, artwork, hangers, more storage or som other finess we might need. Tanks for water, gas and stuff like that will be placed in the original storage on the side of the bus, which is very comfy so it's easy to fill her up, or empty. We will also have a freezer in those spaces and some other necessary gear. So, this is what we have in mind. Any questions/ suggestions?

Now in swedish and english

We now have more followers from other countries than we have in Sweden, therefore we will switch language from now on and communicate only in easy English. But don't forget, we are proud Swedish people! :) Okey, so no the inside of the bus is a mess, we have taken the floor out and will now proceed to remove the height difference between the middle of the bus and the sides where the seats used to be. Pictures will guide you. Friday is the day for this huge transformation, and yes, it is HUGE, cause after that, we have reached the end of the taring-down part, well hopefully and the build-up part starts. A big turning point in Project 303! See ya! STAY TUNDED.




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